A friend of mine has convinced me to learn hockey and play in their immature hockey team. I never thought that I would do it as I always thought that hockey playing is hard and you have to learn that when you’re much younger.

But he explained that a lot of the players in the team learned hockey within a few weeks and were now great at it. Well, maybe not great, but at least they can have fun. I told him I’m in.

But before you can play hockey, first you have to be able to stand on the ice and skate. I always though ice skating is probably one of the most fun sports/hobbies. I tried it a couple of times but didn’t spend enough time to learn it and was a little afraid of falling.

So this time around, I’m taking a few private lessons; that way hopefully, I can learn faster and be able to play hockey in no time, right?

So that’s a little background. What I hate/love (not sure which one to pick) about domaining is that anything you do, everywhere you go, it’s in your mind. You always think about domains and it’s worse when you’re also a developer, because now you think about domains and development. So here we go again, I want to build an ice skating website.

As a first step, I checked all the marketplaces to see if I can get the exact match domain for a reasonable price. The .com would be out of my budget, but I was shooting for .org or .net. But they weren’t available.

So instead, I went and registered a few domains and I’m hoping you guys can help me choose one as I can’t make up my mind. These are still pretty great domains, I didn’t think they would be available.

FigureSkating.me – I like this one because it’s an exact match and ice skating is also known as figure skating and there are over 10k searches. But I’m just not sure about .me and since going forward I’m building the sites to be more user centric, I’m not so sure about this one. But again, I love the fact that it’s an exact much domain.

eIceSkating.com – I like this one because it’s easy to remember and great for branding. Not so great for exact match search on search engines.

LearnIceSkating.com – since most of the site will be dedicated to learning ice skating, having exact much domain will defiantly get me on the first spot of google. Though, there aren’t that many searches for this one. But I think search will grow, there will always be people wanting to learn ice skating.


That’s it, I have to pick one. I haven’t yet decided on exactly what would be on the site but I think it’s going to have combination of multiple things. This isn’t going to be a mini-site, I want to build a very useful site for ice skating community.

Let me know which one you guys like. Thanks!