As you all know eMachines were very popular at one point. It is a long standing brand and they even manufacture computers today. I was going through top 20 email from and saw the singular domain “” was listed and was being dropped today.

As you can imagine it caught my attention. I started doing a little research and “emachine” has around 10000 exact match monthly searches according too Google Keyword tool. And I bet it has a lot of type in traffic as well.


Isn’t this a UDRP case you ask? Well, I say it depends on what you do with the domain. eMachine is still a generic term and could be applied to a wide range of industries. But it could be an issue if eMachines has a trademark for eMachine which I haven’t checked.


However, why I don’t think this is a problem? If I had the domain, I wouldn’t use it for anything else but to sell eMachines on the domain or have direct affiliate links to other online retailers that sell eMachines. But it is important to not show any ads or any other computer brands. Even if there is a trademark on eMachine, as long as you use the domain to sell the trademarked product or service and nothing else, you should be fine.


This became clear when we saw Toyota lose in this case. But again, I’m not a lawyer, you should consult with your attorney with your specific case.


So shouldn’t eMachines own by now? I think so.


What was interesting is that it was listed in the top domains list in all 3 backordering services, SnapNames, Pool, NameJet. In fact, NameJet had 90+ bidders. But I think SnapNames got it. Yes, I did place a bid on it myself :)