Good morning everyone. It was kind of chilly this morning here in LA, makes it harder to wake up J A few months ago I thought about creating a domaining course. It was good timing as domain name was on sale and I acquired it. The idea is to teach any one to become a domainer and make some money.

Of course, being a developer, I always think about the most complex and programmatic way to achieve this. The idea was to have an online domaining interactive learning app with tests and examples etc. But this would take an enormous time to build.

Instead I came up with the second Plan which is simpler but still requires a lot of work. The idea is to spend time and manually pick articles from different domaining blogs and create an organized course. I think we are lucky as we have a lot of great domaining blogs and all the information is out there. But I think, it’s hard for a beginner to know where to start. And most of the new articles are geared towards more advanced domainer. – the way it would work is that, user will sign up and he/she will start getting email of links to 3-5 articles on daily bases. These articles will be hand-picked by me from various domaining blogs. Each email will be focused on a specific topic.  At the end of the email, there will also be a specific task that they should do after reading the articles.

The idea is still in works, but if anyone is interested, you can subscribe to newsletter on and I will notify you when it’s ready.