A few months ago, while watching TV, I saw one of those work from home commercials. It was more of a infomercial, where they take a whole hour or so to try and sell you some kind of money making program.  Some of these programs are very tempting and I almost fell for them a couple of times but I could never trust them enough.

I kind of felt that most of them are BS, yet I am sure they sell millions of copies of these. It made me wander, wouldn’t be great if something like that was done for domaining.

It would no longer be a fake product, it would be something that actually works and has all the variables that people are looking for, ei, work from home, internet based, low startup costs, digital goods, etc.

I happen to believe that the more people become domainers the better. Our industry needs to expand, we have to get the word out and for that we need to expand our workforce.

I want to see a time when every business looks into aftermarket or hires a domain consultant to buy their domain instead of just going and grabbing the next available domain.

And can you imagine how many millions of households actually seat and watch those infomercials. Even if they don’t buy the product, they’ll learn about the existence of domaining.

I say most business owners still don’t know the importance of a domain. My plumber called me the other day and asked me if I’d build a website for him. I usually don’t take such jobs anymore. But I’ve known the guy forever and wanted to help out. The guy knows almost nothing about internet or websites, but then he made a statement “I already registered the domain” and gave his company name which is some crappy name, nothing to do with plumbing. And it’s hard to be a developer and domainer, I used to not care, but now, I find myself consulting about domains.  It would be great if business owners understood the importance of a domain.

Anyway, back to the course. So what do you think I did next? This idea has been in my mind for a few months now. Well, as a first step, I bought the domain name that would be great for it, can you guess? Well, I bought DomainingCourse(dot)com. That’s right. :)

While, I don’t have the budget to go through this, I have a plan B for it for now. As a plan B, I want to create and interactive Domaining Course website for beginners. I’m still working out the details, feel free to pitch in and comment. What kind of features would you like to see in such a course?