Monitoring site traffic can be addicting. When first launching sites, I find myself checking the traffic at least a few times a day. Then, after a while, you start checking once day, once every couple of days and eventually weekly or monthly. We now have a lot of great tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your traffic more thoroughly.

But I still like monitoring traffic on the server as well. Google Analytics and others, all use javascript and for various reasons. the visit may not get recorded because of this. Many automated bots will not get tracked because they disable javascript calls.

So when monitoring your traffic, do pay attention to server logs or have a script installed for server side monitoring as well. This may not be that simple, but does give you more details on the visits.

I hadn’t been checking traffic for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been having very busy weeks, but I did an interesting discovery today.

I noticed a quite a bit of traffic increase on one of my sites, I actually love this domain, I think it’s one of my best domains if not the best. I think it has a potential to be a business on its own, that’s what I like about it.

But what’s interesting is that for a long time, the site wasn’t even on the first page of google for the main keyword, “top 10 places”. Although, in my case, it didn’t really matter as the site has tons of content and it’s getting traffic from those sub-pages.

So after noticing the traffic increase, I decided to do another search today and guess what? Not only, it’s on the first page, it’s on the #1 position for the main keyword “top 10 places.” This was an interesting discovery for me.


Hope you guys are having a great week!