I wanted to go to ice skating the other day, but then I remembered, last time I went, it wasn’t pretty, lol. I’m just not good at it, but it’s a hell of a fun sport. I am considering taking a few private lessons. A friend of mine wanted to go real bad but I said no because I know she’s good at it and it’s not cool to show her that I suck, lol.

I searched for “ice skating” on google today and I was surprised that there were no exact match results and iceskating.com goes to some parked page. Such a waste for such a great domain. It has over 30k exact local searches.

then I am sure, there are probably thousands of other great domains that are just parked, collecting pennies or I call it dust.

each one of such domains could be such a killer business. I know, development is not cheap, but maybe it’s time to create partnerships with developers for such domains.  I think with the right team, success is almost guaranteed for such domains. You can easily turn them into 7 figure money making businesses. I shouldn’t say easy, but much easier than if you were to choose non-exact much domain and yes, .com is also important to be the category killer.

I think it’s like having a storefront in the mall with almost no monthly cost. Customers are walking by everyday and would be happy to go in and buy stuff. All you have to do is build up the store and put products in. Instead, you’re renting it out for storage.

this is how I view parking for such domains. I mean when was the last time you saw a retail space to be used like a storage in the mall?

I also understand that there isn’t a real good marketplace for such partnerships. There are all kinds of legal issues that not everyone is willing to deal with. And if I had a great partner/investor, I would create such marketplace myself. Which will allow premium domain owners to partner-up with developers to create a business without worrying about the legal aspects of such deals as the marketplace would handle all that.

I think for a killer team you need the fallowing:

1. Premium Domain Owner - and guys, I really mean that your domain has to be great. It must get 25k+ exact monthly searches and be a category killer .com domain with ecommerce potential. We are not talking about brandables here. It would also be great if this person has some business knowledge/experience.

2. Web Architect / Developer – it is important to understand that just having any developer do the work is not going to work. You need an architect and a long term partner. It is not just about developing the site, in fact, this person may not even do all the development. This is more like CTO/Tech Lead/Architect. I’ve seen so many businesses fail because they don’t understand the difference, I will not go into details as it’s to long of a discussion. And Please don’t hire a company to do this, you need a long term partner to share your vision.

3. Content Writer – Unique content has become such an important part of businesses that I think this person needs to be a partner as well. You can always hire a writer but it’s not the same. To be successful, I think you have to release constant updates/articles. You also want to connect with your users and best way to do that is to have a single person dedicated to the company blog and constantly post articles. It is also important to note that it will be even great if you can partner up with industry writer, in the case of ice skating, maybe find the best blog for ice-skating and partner-up with the author.

4. Marketing / Social Media – this has become such an important part of online business that I think this person should be a partner as well so they can put all of their energy and best know-how into the business to make it successful without having a huge budget for marketing.

5. Investor - this really depends on case by case bases. But any business has some start-up costs even if you’re not spending money development, there are still a lot of other costs involved. This may not be mandatory if partners can maybe split-up the costs among themselves.

Again, you might get a way with just hiring Content Writer/Marketer to start with, it just depends on the initial budget.


feel free to share your greatest domain that falls in the category I described.