I will hand pick a few domains from ValueDrops.com that expired and are available for hand registration on daily bases. Although there are already hundreds of people using ValueDrops.com on daily bases, they still miss many great domains that are well worth the $8 reg fee.

I know many people like Estibot valuation and so do I. Therefore, at least 5 domains of my daily list will have estibot valuation $100 or more.

here is the list from 5/15/2011 – these are available as I am writing this post,

Domain:                                    Estibot: $

CustodyRight.com $1400 — if you someone doesn’t register this one soon, I’ll do it myself.
TravelFaculty.com               $420
CuteDelivery.com                $320
DateBusy.com                       $210
MedicationSchool.com      $190

Other Domains that I like but don’t have estibot value:


if you like any of these, make sure you use GoDaddy Coupon $7.49