As a domainer, part of my job is to fallow the news and think like an End User. Let me explain, when there is a hot topic in the news that deals with some kind of business, people with entrepreneurial mindset think about starting their own similar business.

And what do you think these people do first when trying to start a business in any field? They head to their favorite domain registrar and start searching for a great domain for their new brand, and yes, at this stage they are ready to even purchase the name if they like it enough.

So what’s our job as domainers? Our job is to be 1 step ahead of them and register all available great domains in the field. And yes, I do mean domains with quality and not junk. Again, these will be for quick flip and not to hold or invest in. Even so, you should still understand domain quality.

Does it have to be a .com? My answer is that it depends. In the case of Cyber Monday, it’s ecommerce related and many end users may go after the keyword. If you google “Cyber Monday”, you’ll see some .biz/.net extensions in the first couple of pages. This is a good thing. Again, in my mind, the end users will do the same and if they notice google doesn’t care too much about the tld in the particular field, they will also look for another extension. However, if possible, I would still stick to .com, unless you have an exact much domain available in another popular extension.

Also keep in mind, even VPs at the competing businesses start to think about creating a similar product or service in the similar field when they see the news. So it’s not just your average entrepreneur searching for these names, and these guys are ready to spend the big bucks, this is where the owners of better quality names win.

When looking for a domain name, again, try to think like an end user. In the case of Cyber Monday, I’m pretty sure, it will be really hard to find an available domain name with great keywords in it. This is where being creative also helps. What do you think the end users do when they can’t find a name their looking for? I’d say there are 2 categories of end users. Some will start looking for 3 or 4 word domains just to have the keyword in the domain name.

Others, if they understand domain quality a little, or have a great vision for a startup, they will start looking into abbreviation for that keyword. This is where having those short catchy names come handy, even if they don’t mean anything.

Happy Cyber Monday!