Recently, I was searching for a domain name and all top extensions were taken, but .co and .me were available. I stopped and after thinking it through I chose .me and thought some people may have to make the same decision.

Let’s see what they have in common:

  1. Both .me domains and .co domains are ccTLDs, they stand for country code.
  2. Both of them are being treated as gTLDs by search engines and users/companies.
  3. They both are starting to pickup lately, .co domains with their great marketing and .me domains with all smartphone apps being named with .me domains.

So when should you choose one vs the other?

My answer is pretty simple one. Does .me domain work in your situation. Whether it’s a product, service or a new startup. If you can personalize it and .me works with the brand, I’d choose .me tld, especially, if you’re going to do offline marketing. The reason is that customers/people pickup and memorize .me extension better than .co; They’re more likely to remember than as an example. So if this is the case, go with .me tld. You will have better success with users if they more easily remember your domain.

Remember, .co is still pretty knew, although, it has a big hype in domaining world, it’s still kind of unclear extension for someone who’s never heard of it. On the other hand, there is no need to explain .me extension. It kind of defines itself.

.co tlds are great brand names that me does not work. These could be any number of things, including brands that deal with professional vendors or b2b type of brands or if .me is not available.

Hopefully this post will be helpful, when you’re faced with similar decision.