A few months ago I got a domain that would be great for a classified ad type of website. I finally got around to put a website on it and needed to install a script for classified ads. I usually favor open source scripts for such sites and thought there would be many mature scripts by now. Well, I only found a handful and wanted to share them with you.

There were only 3 scripts that I could find that were sort of well known. Actually, only 2 are popular and 3rd is pretty new.

  1. Open Classifieds – this script has been around for a while and has some user base. What I liked about it that it comes with a nicer theme.  It has most of the basic features. It also has a structure closer to what I was looking for. But it is lacking some advanced features and plugins.


  1. OSClass –  seems to be more advanced script and has plugins. And it seems like many people even converted from the 1st option to this one. But what I didn’t like about this one is that the built in themes are crap. Yes, their site shows off some nice examples but it doesn’t come with any decent theme nor there is an option to get a free one.


  1. DClassifieds – this is the newer kid on the block. I can imagine it still has some bugs but what I liked about it is that it uses a great php framework called Yii and has the best code base. My fear is that it may not be mature enough. It doesn’t come with a great theme nor has plugin options. But it does have a great framework. Note: it has tricky download page, to download it go to  here.

I give kudos to all the developers of the scripts. It does take a lot of time/effort to build/release an open source script.

My first option was Open Classifieds because it had the theme/features that I was looking for. And I thought that with little modification I can get it to what I need it to be. I downloaded and installed it. It did take me some time to install it as it has a bug in the installer. But then once, I started getting in to it, I realized that it’ll take a lot of time to get it the way I wanted it. So I started having second thoughts and will probably have to try another option.

It’s really hard for me to choose a script as I am a developer, I don’t just look at the demo,  I look under the hood and see how the script is built. And guys, most of the time, I’m not impressed. Most open source scripts are crap when it comes to the code base. Yes, including WordPress. Most scripts are poorly architected and they keep patching it to make it work some how. It’s no wander there is some kind of security update on WordPress every other week. But again, I am thankful to all the authors that have spent their time creating these scripts.

So again, the first 2 options were just like that. And since I have to make some modifications, I really didn’t want to work with such code. So today, I’m going to try out DClassifieds which has much better architecture, but again, I hope it doesn’t have a lot of bugs as it’s a newer product. I will have to modify a lot and maybe create an entire new theme for it, but hopefully, it shouldn’t be too hard as I’m already familiar with the framework.

So if you have no coding abilities, I’d suggest going with OSClass as it seems to be a more mature product and has tons of plugins already. You may just have to create a theme for it.

Once it’s ready, I’ll share the domain/website and you can tell me what you think.