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Starting a Blog Step 3: Change WordPress settings, do NOT leave the default settings!

in Step 3 of Starting a Blog, I will descuss what settings you should change before you do anything else. These settings are important to implement as they will effect your search engine ranking as well as help you start on the right path. by now you should already have done Step 1 and Step [...]

Starting a Blog Step 2: Finding a WordPress theme, install/configure it.

Assuming you’ve read Step 1 and fallowed the process. You should now have live blog when you go to your url and you should also see “Hello World” post. Next, you have to find a theme that goes with your blog industery as well as your taste. This is always a challenge for me as [...]

Starting a Blog Step 1: WordPress installation 5 minute task or is it?

I’m really excited about blogging, so I’ve decided to start blogging while I install and tweak my blog to the point that it has all the bells and whistles that I will need. there is a conception that it’s so easy to start a blog, it only takes 5 minutes to install the wordpress and you’re [...]

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