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ReaderLine – New RSS Reader – Looking For Domain Partners

Hey guys, so I’m having a fun week, building What started out as a weekend project has taken over all my free time for the past several days. I haven’t watched a single TV show in all that time Google Reader Alternative

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend! As for me, well, I probably worked the whole 48 hours On Friday, I heard about the news that Google is killing Google Reader (rss reader). It was an unfortunate news as it’s one my favorite tools. But then I thought, maybe it’s time to create my [...]

Google Reader shutting Down! Should I build a similar RSS Reader ?

One my favorite tools “Google Reader” is shutting down. I only read the news yesterday and was very surprised. Reader probably has millions of users, not sure what would justify the close down. Membership is finally here!

Hey guys, I finally took the time to develop the membership system for It took me several months to get this done because of time constraints. But it’s here, you can register and get access to expiring domains on

What Not To Do When Selling a Domain

I was searching for a domain name recently on godaddy. It was for a project of mine and I didn’t really need to have the top notch domain so I wanted to find and hand register a domain.

Project Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy dealing with personal life and haven’t been able to do much lately. Hopefully, I can free-up soon and get back into business.

Business People vs Domainers

I was chatting with a couple of business folks recently, neither knew nor cared about the value of a domain name. Of course, they didn’t know my background and I didn’t tell them.

Project Updates

Hey guys, hope you all had a great long weekend! I had a great thanksgiving weekend, but did take the time to also do some work on my projects

Freelancer acquires vWorker – I’m disappointed

I got the news late yesterday evening that acquired vWorker, and I must say that I am not pleased with this news. I’ve been using vWorker ( for a number of years now. While, I don’t outsource much, when I did, they were my first choice.

5 Free Must Have Tools for Startup / Web Project Development

I’m a big fan when it comes to technology and tooling used in development. I would use all and any tool that attempts to ease the development. The way I see it is that development is hard work as it is and without the tools, development is basically much less productive.

Learn About LocalClub – my New Startup

In yesterday’s post about Deadline Competition, I mentioned that I’m going to build LocalClub in 1 month I was so excited that I started working on it already.

Calling On Domain Developers/Startups – Deadline Competition

Hey guys, last year I started a competition for domainers/developers/startups.  (1 Month Deadline Competition!) It turned out great. The idea is to basically take any domain/idea you have and develop it, and you have 1 month (December) to complete. All you have to do is comment here as to what the domain is and what’s [...]

Warning – NameScout/Condomainium/ System Bug!

I discovered a major glitch with NameScout’s system today and wanted to share with everyone. If you have a domain name registered at, you may be affected as well. Site Changes

Hey guys, I’ve made a few changes to and wanted to share them with you. On the side note: I’ve been recently assigned as the Web Development Manager at my current job and this makes my time even more limited.

Project And Other Updates

Good morning guys, it’s been awhile since my last post. It’s just that between work, personal life, domains and projects, there is very little time left for blogging.   I’ve been working on a number of different ideas.

My Flippa Listing Ending Today

I put up a listing on Flippa for one of my sites that I didn’t have interest in keeping. It’s a forum site and I’m not much of a forum runner. In fact, I’ve disabled all registrations to avoid spending time on managing the forum/spam.

Multi-Domain CMS Project

Hi guys, as you all know parking is dying. I used to make a few pennies here and there with Google’s adsense for domains but now that’s gone. I tried a few other parking sites and they just can’t compare with Google’s in terms of revenue. So instead, I decided to build a few dozen [...]

My First Listing on Flippa

Hey guys, I’ve listed one of my sites on Flippa a couples of days ago and wanted to share the process. I’ve never used Flippa before but heard lots of good things about them, so I decided to give it a try.

Weekend Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a great weekend so far, weather  is  nice and as always I have dozens of projects that I’m working and wanted to share some updates with you. – Domaining Course for beginners

Good morning everyone. It was kind of chilly this morning here in LA, makes it harder to wake up J A few months ago I thought about creating a domaining course. It was good timing as domain name was on sale and I acquired it. The idea is to teach any one to become [...]