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My Flippa Listing Ending Today

I put up a listing on Flippa for one of my sites that I didn’t have interest in keeping. It’s a forum site and I’m not much of a forum runner. In fact, I’ve disabled all registrations to avoid spending time on managing the forum/spam.

What to do to help sell your domains

I want to share with you the steps that I take to increase chances of selling a domain name. This year, it seems most of my sells were to the end users and although I still sold some domains to domainers/resellers, going forward, I want to focus on End User only. My definition of an [...]

Sunday Task, take a few minutes and do this to sell your domains

I’ve noticed that more often than not, I look at domain whois to figure out if the domain is or may be for sale. In fact, last couple of my domain name acquisitions were mostly contributed by “Domain For Sale” text in their whois. The reason is that, it gives me more confidence to take [...]

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