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Should You Buy Short LLL NNN Domain Names?

It is no wander that short domain names are valuable, especially .com/.org domains. You can easily verify this by looking at recent sales history, actions, number of bids on backordering services. But should you buy them? And how do they compare with keyword domains?

10 Tips for Domain Name Buying Negotiation

Domain price negotiation is very unique process and good negotiation may save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to help you with your next domain purchase.

Domain Name Appraisal

How do you appraise a domain? Many times, quality Domain names are considered assets, like real estate. However, unlike real estate, domain appraisal has always been a challenge. There is no set industry standard or set formula on how you appraise a domain name.

Mini Sites vs Content Sites

Mini sites have gone a long way in the last few years. Just few years ago, mini sites were considered sites with 3-5 pages of content, either made for adsense or just made to show that there is a site on the domain.   Even today, there are still people or domainers that take the [...]

The Startup Conference Los Angeles – great experience

Hi guys, As you know I’ve gone into startup mode and thought it would be great to start going to some of the startup conferences and meet other startups. Every new startup, big or small, does need to go through the same process and it is tremendously helpful to get feedback and insight from other [...]

New Linux Fedora version is out and how it’s going to help me as a domainer

Those of you that don’t know Fedora, it’s a linux distribution from Red Hat. The new version incorporated GNOME 3 which combines a modern look with productivity. I must say, I am not a big fan of Linux but Fedora does look very cool. It’s got a new sleek windows 7 like interface. I think [...]

Sunday Task, take a few minutes and do this to sell your domains

I’ve noticed that more often than not, I look at domain whois to figure out if the domain is or may be for sale. In fact, last couple of my domain name acquisitions were mostly contributed by “Domain For Sale” text in their whois. The reason is that, it gives me more confidence to take [...]

Domaining and Domain Development in 2011, domaining has changed, have you?

It’s no surprise that domaining and domain development has had significant changes in 2011 and domainers have to adjust rapidly to keep their revenues. Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm, some are announced publicly, like the Panda update and some are never shared with the public. Back in early 2000’s, when I was [...]

Are you looking for a domain parking company? Don’t waste your time!

Good morning folks I know some domainers still depend on parking thier domains to earn some revenue. While, that may still work with domain names with high type in traffic, it will no longer work with most other domain names. We saw many new parking platforms/technologies in the last couple of years, some paid, some free and they [...]

The Quickest Domain Buy Ever!

Today I aquired a domain name that was my quickest deal so far. It only took 3 emails to negotiate the price, paid and pushed to my account within one day! I even got the idea of the domain name yesterday and wasn’t even planning buying it as I was assuming the price would be [...]

Comparing .me vs .co domain extensions (tlds) , which one should you choose?

Recently, I was searching for a domain name and all top extensions were taken, but .co and .me were available. I stopped and after thinking it through I chose .me and thought some people may have to make the same decision. Let’s see what they have in common: Both .me domains and .co domains are [...]

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