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What Not To Do When Selling a Domain

I was searching for a domain name recently on godaddy. It was for a project of mine and I didn’t really need to have the top notch domain so I wanted to find and hand register a domain.

Business People vs Domainers

I was chatting with a couple of business folks recently, neither knew nor cared about the value of a domain name. Of course, they didn’t know my background and I didn’t tell them. – Domaining Course for beginners

Good morning everyone. It was kind of chilly this morning here in LA, makes it harder to wake up J A few months ago I thought about creating a domaining course. It was good timing as domain name was on sale and I acquired it. The idea is to teach any one to become [...]

Domain Boot Camp – Great Idea for Beginners

I came across to Domain Boot Camp a couple of days ago and I think it’s a great idea. It’s two-day intensive workshop offered by pros, Sharon Hayes and Steve Jones. I think boot camps are great way to do rapid learning. While it’s true that you can learn most of it on your own, [...]

Should you name your business/domain after your full name?

I’ve started seeing this trend more and more in all sorts of industries. I’ve seen this done by real estate agents, consultants, mortgage brokers, marketers, writers, lawyers so on. Sometimes, they are very successful and actually run ads on TV or radio and ask the viewers/listeners to visit their website which is their full name.

Do You Need A Job? Work on your Interview skills!

Many domainers work on domains part time and still have a full time job. With the economy where it is and unemployment so high, I wanted to share a few points to help you land your next job if you’re in need of one. I often interview candidates at work and am a little surprised [...]

Maintain Your Hosting Server

I’ve been crazy busy at work this week as we’re launching a new product. I haven’t had much time to do my posts. In the middle of all this, my server went down. Fortunately, it hacking issue or anything like that, my server simply run out of space.

A Couple of My Successful Failure Projects

I have done lots and lots of projects overtime but I wanted to share a couple of them that failed for the same reason but there were still successful for the time being. One of them was a shopping comparison site and the other a search engine.

The Bidding War for Category Killer Domain

I usually don’t like auctions as I end-up spending more than I planned. But sometimes, you just can’t help it. You backorder a domain you really want and guess what, someone else really wants it too. So you basically start battling with the other bidders. I just spent 2k to win a battle.

.US vs .ORG Domain Names

In the domaining world, .ORG always wins. But which one would you choose when picking a domain for development. The answer is not that simple.

My Domain Selling Strategy for 2012

Domain selling is probably the most challenging part of domaining. And you can’t really make money until you master this process. It is also important to note that there is no single one way to do this. And it depends on the individual domainer and how good of a sales person he/she is and how [...]

Should You Have A Dash In The Domain Name?

While it may be true that search engines treat dash like a space, I strongly advice against it. I can understand when some end users with little kowledge go after domains with dash, but domainers/brand owners should not go after domains with dash, here is a list of 10 reasons why.

Weekend Updates

I’m having a great weekend, hope you are too. As always, I’m working on my projects and trying to shorten my to do list. I usually do go out in the evenings, so only have a few hours to get some work done. Here is a update on the projects I’m working on.

Don’t Rush Into Domaining!

Don’t rush into domaining and as you will waste a lot of money on junk domains. Domaining is an amazing industry but is like gambling and has addiction. Most newbie domainers will start registering hundreds of domains even before they understand domain quality. My advice is don’t do it, save your money and take the [...]

Weekend Updates

Weekend is a great time to do some work. I can’t even remember when was the last time that I used the weekend to relax. If you’re like me and have a full time job, you have to use the weekends to work on your projects. Some may call me workaholic, but that’s me and [...]

It’s Ok To Let Go Those Crappy Domains!

I remember when I was starting up in domaining, I used to be the same way. We all have done it, we all have registered junk names at one point. No one is born a domainer or understands domain quality when they’re just starting up.

1 Month Deadline Competition!

Good Morning folks, it’s December 1st and we’re officially on the last month of the year.  Do you have a plan or a goal for this last month or project backlog? We all need a little push, a little motivation to go the extra mile. So I’m creating 1 month deadline competition!

Dynamic Domain For Sale Page Tutorial

If you are in Domaining business, you probably have some domains that you want to sell. Often times, if you really want to sale a name, you want to place a “domain for sale” page for the domain. It’s not hard to create a simple domain for sale html page, but you’d have to do [...]

Cyber Monday – You Should Think Like An End User!

As a domainer, part of my job is to fallow the news and think like an End User. Let me explain, when there is a hot topic in the news that deals with some kind of business, people with entrepreneurial mindset think about starting their own similar business.

Stop Registering Trademark Domain Names!

Huge percentage of dropping domains are trademark domains. Why isn’t there a trademark check when registering a domain name? And Why do people register such domains?