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Calling On Domain Developers/Startups – Deadline Competition

Hey guys, last year I started a competition for domainers/developers/startups.  (1 Month Deadline Competition!) It turned out great. The idea is to basically take any domain/idea you have and develop it, and you have 1 month (December) to complete. All you have to do is comment here as to what the domain is and what’s [...]

Project And Other Updates

Good morning guys, it’s been awhile since my last post. It’s just that between work, personal life, domains and projects, there is very little time left for blogging.   I’ve been working on a number of different ideas. – Domaining Course for beginners

Good morning everyone. It was kind of chilly this morning here in LA, makes it harder to wake up J A few months ago I thought about creating a domaining course. It was good timing as domain name was on sale and I acquired it. The idea is to teach any one to become [...]

Do You Have A Great Domain?

I wanted to go to ice skating the other day, but then I remembered, last time I went, it wasn’t pretty, lol. I’m just not good at it, but it’s a hell of a fun sport. I am considering taking a few private lessons. A friend of mine wanted to go real bad but I [...]

Why Is There No Alternative To Adsense?

Do you ever feel like adsense hasn’t change a bit for 5 years? Yes, they created a new interface, with some new reporting features. But is there really a major change on how ads are published or what options adsense publishers have? I’d say very little and it’s all because there is no close alternative.

User Value – High Traffic is Great, But Don’t Make The Same Mistakes That I Did

Those of you that have been there know the joyful feeling when you see visitor numbers skyrocket.  While it really does feel great to see those high numbers, it should not be your focus. Your focus should be User Value!

How I Had More Than 1 Million Unique Pages Indexed On Google

Here is an article that you might want to bookmark as the idea may still work today. I had over 1 million unique pages indexed on google with zero advertising or any kind of link building and no real articles. As you can imagine, traffic was skyrocketing.  Oh and it would work with any crappy [...]

Mini Sites vs Content Sites

Mini sites have gone a long way in the last few years. Just few years ago, mini sites were considered sites with 3-5 pages of content, either made for adsense or just made to show that there is a site on the domain.   Even today, there are still people or domainers that take the [...]

What kind of domain names should you buy? My rules for buying a domain name

This is kind of a broad question, it really depends on your passion, your profession, your budget, your vision and much much more. However, what I can tell you is that 2011 is all about keyword rich domain names. Yes, we still see many short or more, 3 character or 4 character domains getting sold [...]

Stick to .com domain names when building brands, .com will continue to increase in value

I’ve noticed that 2011 is all about .com domain names. Most domainers/developers alike are more focused on obtaining .coms than ever before. The reason is simple, .com keeps increasing in value in much more rapitdly than any other tld(extension).

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