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What kind of domain names should you buy? My rules for buying a domain name

This is kind of a broad question, it really depends on your passion, your profession, your budget, your vision and much much more. However, what I can tell you is that 2011 is all about keyword rich domain names. Yes, we still see many short or more, 3 character or 4 character domains getting sold [...]

New Linux Fedora version is out and how it’s going to help me as a domainer

Those of you that don’t know Fedora, it’s a linux distribution from Red Hat. The new version incorporated GNOME 3 which combines a modern look with productivity. I must say, I am not a big fan of Linux but Fedora does look very cool. It’s got a new sleek windows 7 like interface. I think [...]

Stick to .com domain names when building brands, .com will continue to increase in value

I’ve noticed that 2011 is all about .com domain names. Most domainers/developers alike are more focused on obtaining .coms than ever before. The reason is simple, .com keeps increasing in value in much more rapitdly than any other tld(extension).

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