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New Hidden Feature of ValueDrops

Hey everyone, ValueDrops now has an option to monitor dropping domains.  This was a major release and is very useful feature for grabbing the domains as soon as they are dropped, without paying the drop catching fees. How It Works: Go through the list of ValueDrops and check the ones that you want to monitor. [...] Email Subscription is Ready!

Hi guys, if you have an account on, you should have received your first daily Top 10 TopDrops email. I finally got around to finishing the email subscriptions. It was a long requested feature and now it’s done.

Backordering An Expiring Domain Name

Backordering a domain is crucial part of domaining. This is how you’re able to buy domains for the lowest possible price. Here is a little overview of domain backordering and how to go about backordering a domain.

A Few Domain Drops from

Going through domains today, couldn’t resist at looking some of the dropping names. A lot of great domains are dropping unnoticed and it’s a shame. But no worries, TopDrops is almost here. Take a look at some of the names for Today/Tomorrow:

Should You Have A Dash In The Domain Name?

While it may be true that search engines treat dash like a space, I strongly advice against it. I can understand when some end users with little kowledge go after domains with dash, but domainers/brand owners should not go after domains with dash, here is a list of 10 reasons why.

Don’t Rush Into Domaining!

Don’t rush into domaining and as you will waste a lot of money on junk domains. Domaining is an amazing industry but is like gambling and has addiction. Most newbie domainers will start registering hundreds of domains even before they understand domain quality. My advice is don’t do it, save your money and take the [...]

It’s Ok To Let Go Those Crappy Domains!

I remember when I was starting up in domaining, I used to be the same way. We all have done it, we all have registered junk names at one point. No one is born a domainer or understands domain quality when they’re just starting up.

10 Domain Name Finder Tools

Here is a list of 10 online tools for finding a domain name, checking availability and more. Usually, I don’t like going to the registrar site to check domain availability as it slows down the process. I need something that’s fast and easy and doesn’t require a lot of clicks to check for domains or [...]

Stop Registering Trademark Domain Names!

Huge percentage of dropping domains are trademark domains. Why isn’t there a trademark check when registering a domain name? And Why do people register such domains?

Should You Buy Short LLL NNN Domain Names?

It is no wander that short domain names are valuable, especially .com/.org domains. You can easily verify this by looking at recent sales history, actions, number of bids on backordering services. But should you buy them? And how do they compare with keyword domains?

10 Thanksgiving Weekend Available Domains – Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take a moment and wish happy thanksgiving to everyone. This is one of the few days in a year when you start to realize how important your family, friends and loved ones are. Usually, we are so busy chasing whatever it is that we are doing that we often don’t [...]

10 Tips for Domain Name Buying Negotiation

Domain price negotiation is very unique process and good negotiation may save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to help you with your next domain purchase.

Domain Name Appraisal

How do you appraise a domain? Many times, quality Domain names are considered assets, like real estate. However, unlike real estate, domain appraisal has always been a challenge. There is no set industry standard or set formula on how you appraise a domain name.

What kind of domain names should you buy? My rules for buying a domain name

This is kind of a broad question, it really depends on your passion, your profession, your budget, your vision and much much more. However, what I can tell you is that 2011 is all about keyword rich domain names. Yes, we still see many short or more, 3 character or 4 character domains getting sold [...]

The Quickest Domain Buy Ever!

Today I aquired a domain name that was my quickest deal so far. It only took 3 emails to negotiate the price, paid and pushed to my account within one day! I even got the idea of the domain name yesterday and wasn’t even planning buying it as I was assuming the price would be [...]

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