A few months ago, I picked up a domain from deleted list to do an experiment. Well the results are in. The domain is DigitsOfPi.com, I used TopDrops.com to find it. see my previous post about it.

While, I didn’t like the domain as much, it had over 5000 exact match searches which was the reason I picked it up.

I created a simple website for it. Well, maybe not too simple as it has a little bit of functionality. And no, I didn’t use any software for it, I just custom developed it in a couple of hours.

I never really found the time to update the site much and I kind of just left it the way it was. I did submit it to all the search engines but for a long time I was disappointed with the results.

While, I wasn’t expecting much, I was expecting it to be in the first few pages of google rather quickly. That wasn’t the case, it was no where to be found on Google for the main keyword “digits of pi”

This was a first for me as most of the time when I build sites, I can quickly rank them up to be in the first few pages of google, especially, when I have the exact match .com domain. The keyword did have millions of results and many content rich sites came on top, so it made sense.

But I didn’t loose hope, I kept checking on it every once in awhile.

By the way, Bing did like it and it was on first couple of pages on Bing pretty quickly.

I just noticed a traffic spike on the site and did a quick check on google and guess what? Not only, it ranks well on google now, but also, it’s on the 2nd spot of the first page.

Yes, it did take around 4-5 months to get there but I’m still impressed by the results for the little amount of work that I’ve done on the site. This is a hard proof for me that the exact match .com domains can still go a long way.

This was more of an experiment for me than anything else.