Hey guys, last year I started a competition for domainers/developers/startups.  (1 Month Deadline Competition!) It turned out great. The idea is to basically take any domain/idea you have and develop it, and you have 1 month (December) to complete. All you have to do is comment here as to what the domain is and what’s your end-goal. It could even be an existing website that you’re going to add more features to.

At the end, I’ll pick 3 winners. The winners will receive free 3 month membership to ValueDrops.com and be mentioned in the fallow up blog post.
The idea is to give you the motivation you need to work on your startup/project/website and get it done in a month. You are free to work on anything you like, all I want to see is progress. Last year it worked great for me as I started and completed most of the development on TopDrops.com. It turned out to be very valuable site and has had a tremendous growth this past year. (yeah, I know, it’s still free, it shouldn’t be :) )


To participate, simply comment here with the following:
1.    Domain and a little info on the project.
2.    Project – status now
3.    Your goal – where you’d like to be at the end of the month


That’s it. Again, there is no long application or structure to fallow. But I do want to see your goal completed and it should be reasonable for 1 month development. (it can’t be addition of 2 content pages :) )


Yes, I am participating as well and this year, I’m taking on something BIGGER. I’m going to work on my startup LocalClub.com. It’s been hard for me to focus on it as it’s such a big project, but this time around I have to do it.


What is LocalClub – I’m still having a hard time to put it in a statement that’s clear and easy to understand.


LocalClub is the destination for having location based clubs in any category. Club members can also be promoted to Club Leaders and be able to host offline club events. And all for Free!

There is much more to it but for this phase of development I’m going to keep the scope pretty tight. There you go. I’m going to build this in a month. While I had done some work on it before, I’m going to start-over as a lot of the scope/idea changed.



Again the deadline is one month, December 1st, 2012 – December 31st 2012


Please share this post with your network. It’d be great if we can get a lot of submissions. Also, if you’d like to sponsor and give your own reward to the winners, please contact me.