Good morning folks

I know some domainers still depend on parking thier domains to earn some revenue. While, that may still work with domain names with high type in traffic, it will no longer work with most other domain names.

We saw many new parking platforms/technologies in the last couple of years, some paid, some free and they all claimed a new way of parking, which was auto generating a website with somewhat of a unique approach that search engines would see these as websites and not as parked domain. Hence, you’d have pages indexed in search engines and gain natural search engine traffic.

while it worked initally, those days are over folks. I think part of 2011 update, Google is cracking down on all parking companies. You can read many complains online of how domains are being delisted/dropped from google’s index even if some of these parking companies.

So if you are thinking of using one of those technologies that automatically create a website for you, my advice is DON’T. If you’re going to spend a day on setting up a domain or two with one of these, instead spend that day and create a mini site on your domain, with 2 – 3 unique articles. No you don’t need wordpress for this, simple html pages. You’ll see soon your pages will be indexed and your domain will be safe.

while mini sites do not make much, if you want your domains indexed in search engines, they still are better than automated systems.