You’ve probably already heard the news about the new announcement on Appraiso Integration in Protrada. I was first introduced to Appraiso by Morgan in our last SoCal Domainer meetup.

I really liked the idea and with website sales becoming more popular, we defiantly need a way to have some sort of formal appraisal.  The challenge with website sales has always been verifying the financials. Appraiso is a great way to do a quick check and get an estimate.

Protrada is another great platform for quickly building websites and the integration makes a lot of sense. Being a web developer myself, I can appreciate such efforts as they do take a lot of time and energy on both sides to get it right.

I always try to find ways to automate tasks/processes myself and I can tell you that our industry needs a lot of it.

Once again, kudos to Morgan and his team as well as Protrada team for going the extra mile for their users.