Hi my name is Michael and I’m from Los Angeles, California. This is my first blog and hopefully it’ll be a good experience to share my knowledge and experience with the world.

My Profession: no surprise here, I’m a Web Developer, that’s right, I’ve been developing websites over 11 years now. I am proficient in many technologies and platforms, including .NET/MVC/PHP/Ajax/Flex/Javascript/Mysql/Mssql, well too many to list. Currently, I do have a full time job as a Web Architect/Team Lead/Developer in a major Bank and work on internal applications and do love my job.

Domaining: just like everyone else, I wish I had started earlier, building websites is nothing new to me but back then,  I was busy chasing the money, working on several client projects  at once, didn’t have much time. At the same time, it never occurred to me that domaining is an industry and some people make living just by flipping or developing domains.

I started Domaining in 2009, when a colleague of mine mentioned that he had sold a domain name on sedo, it kind of got me interested. So I started looking into it, reading tons of blogs, registering a lot of domains, then getting in to expired domains and finally coming up with my own tool for expired domains, which I later released to the public and that’s ValueDrops.com.  I still use my own tool on daily bases to find great domains to hand register, I still don’t like paying much for a domain when the outcome is not known.

However, I was a domainer/developer long before I knew such industry existed. I have developed many of my own sites from as early as 2004. I always tried to find the best domain for the purpose but never bought a domain name as to me, website and functionality was the key to success, not the domain name. Although a great domain name will give you a good push, I think that is still true, website matters more.

I have learned a lot through this domaining/development journey and now want to share it with my readers. At the same time this will be an opportunity for me to do more research, come up with new a better ideas to do well in domaining and development.

that’s it, that’s my little story. Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS as I am really excited and will be doing a lot of posts.