As you guys know I’m working on building and I’m seeing a lot of great domains. It will take another few days to get the TopDrops demo out, but in the mean time, see if you like these.

I am going to be displaying top 10 Top Dropping domain on on daily bases for each tld, ie: top 10 of .COMs, .ORGs, .NETs and one top 10 list of all other. It’s been real challenging to tweak the filter enough so that you can see truly amazing domains in the top 10 list. But sometimes it takes a human eye to go through the list as I’m using a lot of different filters and I think it’s down to 200-300 domains per day from all sources. Now, the challenge is to try different sort options to get the top 10. It’ll make more sense once you see the demo and hopefully, you can give me some feedback.


One thing that’s mandatory for Top Drops and that is search volume. So all the domains on are going to have exact search volume of at least a few hundred.


Hopefully I can get the demo out in a couple of days, but until then, take a look at few of today’s top drops:







Pool: (nice over $17k already)




I think the domains speak for themselves and a lot of these have minimal or no bids, at least at the time of writing this :)


By the way yesterday thanks to, I hand registered, while I don’t have any specific interest in the domain name, it has over 5000 exact searches, and it’s not a trend domain. While I like the auctions/backorders, I still love the hand regs.