TopDrops is doing great so far but there is still a lot to be done. I’m almost done with GoDaddy Auction integration and that will go live in a day or so.  See some of my today’s picks from TopDrops. – we always have one of these in CA. Nice one, over 3k exact searches. – I wandered why there were over 3k searches for this one. It stands for “National Labor Relations Act” – Over 2k searches, guess people want to know what colors mean, if anything. – I may get this one, with over 4k searches. I am always looking to develop a quick utility on exact match .com. – nice directory domain. – over 30k searches – nice, over 14k searches, 1 word domain. – over 5k searches – great product/info domain, over 3k searches. – I’ve seen dogs do this, not pretty, over 4k searches.


If you haven’t registered at TopDrops Beta yet, make sure you register. I’m going to start working on the email next and if you’re registered, you’ll start getting daily Top 10 list from TopDrops.