Hi everyone,

Here is the daily list of ValueDrop domains that were dropped and are available for hand registration.


Domain: Phrase: Coupon:
ArcMalta.com Arc Malta GoDaddy Coupon
FlysPies.com Flys Pies GoDaddy Coupon
GeldCafe.com Geld Cafe GoDaddy Coupon
GoonHardware.com Goon Hardware GoDaddy Coupon
GorseBusters.com Gorse Busters GoDaddy Coupon
HelpWarning.com Help Warning GoDaddy Coupon
HiScientific.com Hi Scientific GoDaddy Coupon
HiWatchdog.com Hi Watchdog GoDaddy Coupon
KansasWatch.com Kansas Watch GoDaddy Coupon
KenyanWeekly.com Kenyan Weekly GoDaddy Coupon

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Note: These domains are at first come first serve bases. As soon as someone registers them, they will no longer be available for hand registration. Therefore, if you like a domain in this list, act fast as it may be gone before you know it.