Hi everyone,

Here is the daily list of ValueDrop domains that were dropped and are available for hand registration.


Domain: Phrase: Coupon:
AllBlossoms.com All Blossoms GoDaddy Coupon
CrybabySoda.com Crybaby Soda GoDaddy Coupon
DatumDomains.com Datum Domains GoDaddy Coupon
DiaVesta.com Dia Vesta GoDaddy Coupon
ElgarUsa.com Elgar Usa GoDaddy Coupon
EssayBird.com Essay Bird GoDaddy Coupon
EuclidDream.com Euclid Dream GoDaddy Coupon
GenusIii.com Genus Iii GoDaddy Coupon
GirlsType.com Girls Type GoDaddy Coupon
HiBeaut.com Hi Beaut GoDaddy Coupon

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Note: These domains are at first come first serve bases. As soon as someone registers them, they will no longer be available for hand registration. Therefore, if you like a domain in this list, act fast as it may be gone before you know it.