I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on building TopDrops.com and am happy to announce that the backend is done. I’ve started running the filter on daily bases.

Working on TopDrops has been a great experience, challenging but the result is very rewarding. Since I had already gone through some of it when I was building ValueDrops.com, it was a little easier this time around as I am already very familiar with the process.


I wrote APIs to pull from Sedo, Pool, NameJet, SnapNames as well as the Pending Delete list. I’m still missing Godaddy Auctions and the reason is that their auction list is not public. I have read that you have to email their support and ask to gain access to their ftp site and be able to download the auction list. But I will try to do it in the next few days, I’ve been putting it off.


Also, Bido.com was big at one point but has dried up. Do you guys think I should pull their list as well? Or let me know if I missed any other big auction site.


Now I will be focusing on building the frontend and hopefully will have something to share with you guys and get some feedback soon.


Here are the 5 domains that I picked from today’s TopDrops:


SalvageCars.org – Great domain with 20k plus exact searches. I had my eye on this one but didn’t have time today to backorder.


BatteryPoweredHeater.com – this is a small niche, but has around 1000 searches. This would be a good flip as well as a good affiliate site and would be easy to get top positioning on search engines.


NancyGriffith.com – this is a typo for Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith and has around 800 searches. I usually don’t go after typos but this could also be a real name. I bet this domain will have type in traffic and would be good for parking.


TextingWords.com – this would be great for some kind of startup that deals with texting. It does have around 700 searches and I’d have to say that this is my type of domain. I could probably use it to develop  texting speed tester site. Texting Words Per Minute; there you go another idea for a startup.


WifiUsbAdapter.com – nice product exact match domain with around 800 searches. And Wifi Usb Adatper market is here to stay for some time. Would be great affiliate site.



I was hoping I could get some of these with only reg fee, lol. Didn’t happen, looks like they all were backordered.


Happy Friday :)