Good Morning and happy Sunday. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had number of my readers ask me about domain portfolio scripts, and I thought I should do a little research and share my findings here.  I personally haven’t used any of them myself but there are a few options. Here is a list of 5 domain portfolio scripts and tools.

Although I must say, I am not impressed by any of these. And if I get angry enough, I might create my own domain portfolio script :)


I just think by now I was expecting there would be some very cool domain portfolio scripts, with web 2.0 look and feel. Either I couldn’t find them or choices are really limited.


List of 5 Domain Portfolio Scripts and Tools:

  1. My Domain List – this one looks promising as it’s a wordpress plugin and should be easier to install and use. If you already have a wordpress blog, this may be a good choice and it’s real cheap at $12 last I checked.
  2. DN Portfolio – I kind of liked this as it seems it’s free. Although, I was having hard time navigating through the site in IE 9. But I posted the link directly to the demo so you can have an idea how it looks/functions.
  3. DN Result – this is a commercial one and probably has the most features.
  4. Domain Portfolio Manager – another free script, although I couldn’t find a demo on their site, which is kind of a red flag for me as if you are creating a script, you just have to have a demo.
  5. Domain Punch – this is a windows application and seems to have a lot of features. If you want to manage your portfolio locally, this maybe the way to go.


If you know any other domain portfolio script or tool, feel free to post them here. I’m also curious to know how many of you are actually using a portfolio script or would use one ?


When I think of domain portfolio manager, I think it’s extra work that I would have to do to manage it. If I were to create a domain portfolio manager, it would have to be integrated with large domain registrars, like godaddy,,, etc. So that, it would auto import and sync so I wouldn’t have to do any work myself. What do you think?


Happy Sunday and hope you’re having a great weekend.