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Entries for March, 2013

ReaderLine Getting Closer To Launch!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update on ReaderLine. Those of you that missed the last couple of posts, I’m building a Google Reader replacement and it’s

ReaderLine – New RSS Reader – Looking For Domain Partners

Hey guys, so I’m having a fun week, building What started out as a weekend project has taken over all my free time for the past several days. I haven’t watched a single TV show in all that time Google Reader Alternative

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend! As for me, well, I probably worked the whole 48 hours On Friday, I heard about the news that Google is killing Google Reader (rss reader). It was an unfortunate news as it’s one my favorite tools. But then I thought, maybe it’s time to create my [...]

Google Reader shutting Down! Should I build a similar RSS Reader ?

One my favorite tools “Google Reader” is shutting down. I only read the news yesterday and was very surprised. Reader probably has millions of users, not sure what would justify the close down. Membership is finally here!

Hey guys, I finally took the time to develop the membership system for It took me several months to get this done because of time constraints. But it’s here, you can register and get access to expiring domains on

What Not To Do When Selling a Domain

I was searching for a domain name recently on godaddy. It was for a project of mine and I didn’t really need to have the top notch domain so I wanted to find and hand register a domain.

Project Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy dealing with personal life and haven’t been able to do much lately. Hopefully, I can free-up soon and get back into business.