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Entries for December, 2012

My New Tool – Property Address Locator

Sometimes I like to set aside my regular projects and work on something fresh, especially if it’s a quick yet challenging project. Yesterday was one of those days and I spent a few hours to put together a tool that I need myself and maybe it’ll be useful for others too.

Business People vs Domainers

I was chatting with a couple of business folks recently, neither knew nor cared about the value of a domain name. Of course, they didn’t know my background and I didn’t tell them.

Back from AngelHack – It Was Great!

Hey guys, I spent the weekend at AngelHack, working on This was my first time there and I am glad I went. It was a great experience. Yes, it was exhausting to the point that I’ve taken PTO day from work today, but nevertheless, an awesome experience.