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Entries for November, 2012

Project Updates

Hey guys, hope you all had a great long weekend! I had a great thanksgiving weekend, but did take the time to also do some work on my projects

I’m Going to AngelHack!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you all are doing great. I am really excited today as I was right on-time to get a ticket for AngelHack 2012 Los Angeles. And guess what, AngelHack starts on December 1st, the same day that our Deadline Contest.

Freelancer acquires vWorker – I’m disappointed

I got the news late yesterday evening that acquired vWorker, and I must say that I am not pleased with this news. I’ve been using vWorker ( for a number of years now. While, I don’t outsource much, when I did, they were my first choice.

5 Free Must Have Tools for Startup / Web Project Development

I’m a big fan when it comes to technology and tooling used in development. I would use all and any tool that attempts to ease the development. The way I see it is that development is hard work as it is and without the tools, development is basically much less productive.

Learn About LocalClub – my New Startup

In yesterday’s post about Deadline Competition, I mentioned that I’m going to build LocalClub in 1 month I was so excited that I started working on it already.

Calling On Domain Developers/Startups – Deadline Competition

Hey guys, last year I started a competition for domainers/developers/startups.  (1 Month Deadline Competition!) It turned out great. The idea is to basically take any domain/idea you have and develop it, and you have 1 month (December) to complete. All you have to do is comment here as to what the domain is and what’s [...]

Warning – NameScout/Condomainium/ System Bug!

I discovered a major glitch with NameScout’s system today and wanted to share with everyone. If you have a domain name registered at, you may be affected as well. Site Changes

Hey guys, I’ve made a few changes to and wanted to share them with you. On the side note: I’ve been recently assigned as the Web Development Manager at my current job and this makes my time even more limited.