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Entries for March, 2012

Should you name your business/domain after your full name?

I’ve started seeing this trend more and more in all sorts of industries. I’ve seen this done by real estate agents, consultants, mortgage brokers, marketers, writers, lawyers so on. Sometimes, they are very successful and actually run ads on TV or radio and ask the viewers/listeners to visit their website which is their full name.

Do You Need A Job? Work on your Interview skills!

Many domainers work on domains part time and still have a full time job. With the economy where it is and unemployment so high, I wanted to share a few points to help you land your next job if you’re in need of one. I often interview candidates at work and am a little surprised [...]

Do You Monitor Your Site Traffic?

Monitoring site traffic can be addicting. When first launching sites, I find myself checking the traffic at least a few times a day. Then, after a while, you start checking once day, once every couple of days and eventually weekly or monthly. We now have a lot of great tools such as Google Analytics to [...]

Why Is The Second Level Domain More Popular Than Top Level .uk domain?

I could never understand the wide use of I always questioned why would anyone even register such domain when they could have chosen the top level domain. I would even see these being sold and made to DNJournal list.

Trouble With .Co Domains

First I want to applaud people behind .co registry as I think it’s the best marketed ccTld so far. The trouble is that it’s always going to confuse people and they’re going to go to the .com instead of .co. There was a funny moment on the radio the other day and I thought to [...]

Maintain Your Hosting Server

I’ve been crazy busy at work this week as we’re launching a new product. I haven’t had much time to do my posts. In the middle of all this, my server went down. Fortunately, it hacking issue or anything like that, my server simply run out of space.