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Entries for February, 2012

Brandable Domains vs Lottery Ticket

I often get emails to valuate brandable domains and usually, my response is a negative one. Don’t get me wrong, brandable domains are great to create a brand on, but when it comes to selling them, it’s much tougher.  Brandable domains are like a lottery ticket to me and thought that it’d be interesting to [...]

Google Kills Their Domain Parking Product

I just got an email from Google notifying me that they’re retiring their AdSense For Domains product. This is a very unfortunate change for me as I really liked Adsense for domains and was using it as my primary domain parking platform.

I won a Speeding Ticket trial!

So I won a case on a speeding ticket   and it wasn’t just speeding, it was speeding and tailgating, a dual ticket and I’m guessing it would’ve been 2 points. I remember that I was really mad/upset when I got the ticket as I really felt like I was not guilty.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Have you used

A lot of guys hate Valentine’s Day and I don’t blame them. But with kidding aside, you should really dedicate a few days of the year to your loved one and Valentine’s Day is one of those days. Trouble is that a lot of guys (including me) don’t plan ahead.

Weekend Updates

We’ve been having a very nice weather here in LA. Although, today it looks like it might be raining. Let’s hope not. I’ve been having a crazy busy week, haven’t even been able to do posts.

New Site Development – Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most critical steps in development. This should be done prior the start of the development. Most developers (including me) sometimes try to skip this step and jump into the code, but it is proven me a number of times that it is crucial to understand the complete picture before building [...]

Help Me Choose a Domain

A friend of mine has convinced me to learn hockey and play in their immature hockey team. I never thought that I would do it as I always thought that hockey playing is hard and you have to learn that when you’re much younger.

Project Updates

I had a very busy week, fallowed by the weekend.  I attended one day of DomainFest and it was great. A Great place to meet domainers of all levels, and what’s also great is that you get to meet representatives from all different domain related companies.

Tour of Petersen Automotive Museum – DomainFest Party

I lived in Los Angeles for most of my life but had never been to this place. It certainly is a very interesting museum and cars are just amazing. I managed to take a few pictures of the cars. Take a look.

DomainFest Wednesday – Workshops

I attended yesterday’s DomainFest, it was pretty good. It’s pretty amazing to see hundreds of domainers from around the world in one place. This was my first domaining conference and I am very pleased.