Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take a moment and wish happy thanksgiving to everyone. This is one of the few days in a year when you start to realize how important your family, friends and loved ones are. Usually, we are so busy chasing whatever it is that we are doing that we often don’t take a moment to thank everyone around us and show them that we care.

I usually do this in person, around the table. I do tell my family/friends that even though I tend to not show sometimes, I always think about them and love them very much.


You – I also wanted to thank you, yes, you the reader of my blog. My blog is fairly new, if you’re reading this, thank you.


Finally, since I know domainers never stop working, I wanted to pick a few domains for Thanksgiving weekend from ValueDrops.com that are still available to hand register. You probably know how hot this weekend is for domains, most registrars have some kind of sale going on, godaddy has 4.95 domains. (I bought 3, max allowed)


Here is a list of 10 domains, themed around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Weekend, Cyber Monday:


  1. PlusTurkey.com
  2. RateTurkey.com
  3. LoanTurkey.com
  4. OutdoorTurkey.com
  5. RightWeekend.com
  6. FlipBlack.com
  7. TradeWeekend.com
  8. eWeekender.com
  9. BlackLike.com
  10. GameMonday.com

these are available to hand register at the time of writing this post.


Enjoy, and again Happy Thanksgiving!