Here is a list of 10 online tools for finding a domain name, checking availability and more. Usually, I don’t like going to the registrar site to check domain availability as it slows down the process. I need something that’s fast and easy and doesn’t require a lot of clicks to check for domains or get domain ideas.

  1. – as you all know I am the founder/developer of this site. Believe it or not, I use it myself too.  It’s a great way to find 2 word .com domain for a quick flip or even a new brand. However, it’s becoming harder to hand register the better ones as more people have started using it and backordering the domains that I want, thus not allowing me to hand register some of them :)
  2. GoDaddy – I don’t really like GoDaddy’s interface, but they have a bulk domain checker, which great if you already have the list of domains you want to check/register. I usually find the domains, keep them in a notepad, then head to godady’s bulk page so I don’t have to enter them one by one. A little time saver.
  3. Domize – great ajax domain checker. I like their interface, lists the domains as you type.
  4. NameBoy – has a crappy interface, but it does do idea search for you. It searches for domains around the 2 words that you initially enter.
  5. – Bulk domain checker. I like this one because it has a simplified interface and has some great deals in some cases.
  6. Seoheap – ajax powered bulk domain lookup.
  7. Dotomator – great for playing with words/phrases.
  8. Zfbot – very cool domain research tool.
  9. Dombuddy – another interesting domain checker / generator. Nice interface, ajax powered.
  10. Dyyo – if you like short domains, here is a tool for generating short domains and checking availability.


If you know any other great tools, with nice interfaces, feel free to comment.