Good Morning folks, it’s December 1st and we’re officially on the last month of the year.  Do you have a plan or a goal for this last month or project backlog? We all need a little push, a little motivation to go the extra mile. So I’m creating 1 month deadline competition!

What’s 1 Month Deadline Competition? It’s a competition against your other lazy half :)

Let’s face it, we all have list of projects that we want to get done. If you are a domainer/developer or even an entrepreneur, there has to be something, some web project that you want to get done. But somehow, you can’t find the time for it or just don’t have enough motivation to get it off the ground.

So here is your chance to prove yourself that you can do it.

What we’re going to do is to pick 1 domain and develop it and we have 1 month complete it from start to finish. It doesn’t matter what the domain is or what the project entails. My advice is to pick a project that you’re the most passionate about. Don’t pick that one that you think has a better chance, but pick the one that you’d love to work on. And my other advice or requirement is that, it must be something useful, don’t build something for search engines or some kind of junk spam site, build something that is user friendly and will appeal to the user and not the search engine.

At the end of 1 month, I’m going to pick the winners. How many winners? I’m not setting a number. You are a winner as long as you’ve completed it. I’m going to do one or more blog posts about the completed projects and maybe even will include some info about you.

Again this is a different kind of competition, you’re basically competing against yourself and your reward is to have a completed project and have a chance to get some publicity from this blog.

So here are the requirements:

  1. Pick a project and Domain – must be a website.
  2. Comment here by December 9th, 10pm PST
  3. State the domain – you can’t change this.
  4. Project description – briefly describe the project and what you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Stage – tell us what you’ve done so far.
  6. Get to work.
  7. Finish the work, publish it and do not put any ads on the site. I am a big fan of clean designs.
  8. Comment again after January 1st and before January 9th of 2012 by 10pm PST, if you’ve completed the project. Again, use the same name/domain you used in the initial comment and state that it’s complete.
  9. No large teams / companies – I want to make this about individuals or small teams.
  10. Yes, you have a Deadline of 1 Month!

I will individually review the completed projects/websites and if I see it is complete and meets your initial description comment, I will include it in my review post with screenshots and my own feedback.

Depending on how many completed projects we have, I may split the review posts into sections.

I want to make this fun and challenging at the same time. Again, you’re doing this for yourself, so you can look back and say you did one extra project for 2011. And with all the holiday time off you get from work, you really don’t have an excuse not to do it.

Yes, I will be participating myself :) I will update the post about my own project once I figure out what I want to do.

And tell your friends/colleagues about this post, post it on facebook/twitter anywhere else. The more projects we have the bigger visibility your project will get. Don’t forget the deadline for the initial comment is around 5 days.

Have fun :)

Update 1:

My passion is in domaining, so I’ve decided that I’m going to build another domaining tool. I will post more details shortly.

Update 2:

I just updated the dates to start from the 9th and I will be working on, I’ll do a post with more details.