Back in December 2011, I started a new development competition. See here for details. It was really meant to be a way to push the participants finishing up one of their projects within 1 month. See the results.

While, I didn’t have a lot of participants this time around, I still consider it a successful competition. I am planning to run this again on annual bases and will probably change the terms a little and have prizes.

I got the idea while struggling when I was struggling to focus on a single project. I’m usually always good with deadlines. If there is a deadline, I’ll push myself real hard to meet the deadline. It’s not just in development, but even in life, that’s how I am in general.

However, sometimes, it’s hard for me to focus on a single project. I get a few domains a week, and they all have an idea behind them. It’s hard to pick which one to work on.

1 Month Deadline Competition was a great way even for me to focus on a project and work real hard to finish it up on time. I think I was able to do that.

This time around, I only had one other participant, Roma and his project was and as promised, I will do a small review of his project. Review:

Great single word domain, it has over 8k exact monthly searches and 14k global searches. CPC of around $0.50, not great, but it’s not bad if you can easily get some of that traffic. The idea is great, the site contains both information and affiliate products. This is a good way to accommodate all visitors based on their needs.

Roma, great job on getting your project done within 1 month.

Some Tips:

  1. Improve the performance  – site loads super slow for me.
  2. Submit it to search engines – the site is not found on google. I didn’t check, but make sure you have unique content on your pages and submit it to all search engines.
  3. Improve the look and feel a little and add a logo.

Hopefully, with some adjustments your hard work will start paying off. Again, good job :) Roma, if you’re reading this, feel free to share with us how you did it and how you came up with that idea/domain. – as stated, I was also a participant in this competition. I didn’t really have a good idea as to which project I was going to work on in the beginning. Then, when I acquired domain,  I knew that I couldn’t work on anything else as I had a big passion for it. What drives me in a lot of my projects is personal passion. While, I don’t care much about some of the mini-sites that I build, most of my bigger projects were worked on because I had passion. That is the biggest driving force for me.

TopDrops was actually much bigger project and it was almost impossible to finish it in a month with my schedule. Not only that but I also wanted to try some new things with it, including a brand new design/logo and new development framework. All this takes time and I didn’t outsource any of it. Then, the actual development was pretty complex. While, the frontend doesn’t have a lot of features, the backend is pretty complex. It took a lot of hard work, but I am glad it’s done. If it wasn’t for the deadline competition, I most likely wouldn’t have finished the BETA in a month. If you remember, TopDrops launched on the 9th; which was the last day per terms of the competition.

That’s it, again, I am planning on doing this every year. I encourage everyone to participate, it really is a great way to complete a project.


I would appreciate if you could take a few minutes and review both and and share your feedback/tips with us.